Creature of the Sun


As someone who has battled depression for long, I stand in solidarity with all those who suffer from any kind of mental illness -- inherited or otherwise.

It is important to think of it medically & treat it like one would any other illness/disease. With the same kind of objectivity. It is important not to dismiss it, but also to normalize it -- this may seem contrary, but it's not.

Professional help is a must. Yes, it needs time, opportunity & money. But so does any other treatment. Family & friends may give a listening ear, if one is lucky, but only a professional will know exactly what one needs & how much. Exactly where one stands with the illness. One can then work one's way out from there - slowly, painfully.

The biggest difficulty in suffering mental illness is not so much the illness itself as trying to overcome the fear of (oneself & one's family) being judged & stigmatized if one expressed it & the guilt of spending money to heal it. I know this from experience.

I am essentially a creature of the sun & I am determined to find my light... though it does seem impossible at times.

A big hug to the multitudes out there - some of whom I know - who are journeying through the same darkness.